Lab Work at Your Convenience

UrgentEMS, Inc will provide on-demand lab blood draw services that fit your busy schedule and lifestyle. Should our physicians order lab work during telemedicine consult, patients will be given the option of having our personnel come to your home or place of business to draw the labs.

Labs that can be scheduled for the draw will be drawn within 30 hours of the order for a flat draw fee of $45.00 plus the lab's cost. UrgentEMS has engaged LabCorp as our laboratory service vendor and will be able to provide cash-based lab services.

Labs that have been drawn stat based on a telemedicine consult will be removed within 4 hours of the orders being accepted for $150 plus the lab's cost. Results will be based on the LabCorp standard turnaround times.

For patients requiring routine lab testing, telemedicine consultation with our providers can be purchased for $65.00 annually through our online shop, plus the above lab draw services and laboratory cost. UrgentEMS can draw the labs for our convenience fees, and LabCorp can file the cost of laboratory services to your laboratory test. For monthly and quarterly lab draws, UrgentEMS will offer discount packages to cover the drawing fee's cost.

Our sincere belief is that this service will save patients money by limiting the time required to take off from work.



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