Acute Substance Abuse Triage

UrgentEMS, Inc will provide acute nonemergent substance abuse consultation and triage services. Our vision is to provide critical substance abuse telehealth triage services and medical clearance to facilitate direct inpatient medical detox and rehabilitation services through strategic partnerships. Fee for service telehealth consultation services can be booked through our shop as of April 10, 2021; these consults' scope will be to determine medical stability for direct to inpatient care and referral to a quality inpatient medical detox center for further assessment for placement.

Our mobile personnel or EMS partners will come to you to provide medical screenings under a Board-Certified Emergency Physicians direction. During this assessment, 12 lead EKGs and appropriate lab testing will be provided; if our people determine, the patient requires hospitalization, 911 will be contacted for transport to a proper Emergency Room.

Telemedicine consultation costs will be 150 dollars, and inpatient consultation by our mobile telehealth clinicians will be priced at $250.00.

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