1. Develop the next generation of prehospital care by integrating emerging Artificial Intelligence technologies, in person care, virtual care, and life style management.

2. Leverage a variety of emerging Telemedicine technologies for daily use, chronic disease management, mental health monitoring, and emergent cases, we will focus on getting the right patient to the right level of care. With the end goal of preserving autonomy, independence, and the ability of patients to remain self sufficient.

3. Create new sustainable revenue generating opportunities for Emergency Medical Services, Rural Clinics, Rural Hospitals, Rural ERs, Stand alone ERs, Stand alone Urgent Care Clinics, Primary Care providers, and existing Hospital Networks. While driving down cost and convenience for member patients within the network.

4. Long term development of emerging medical technologies to increase access to time sensitive care to limit disability or provide early detection to preventive care to preserve independence.
5. Provide access to custom medical technologies to preserve independence.

6. Fill the void between independence and qualifying for home health cost effectively.

7. Facilitate long term activity and self directed rehab as a means of preventing acute emergent injury.

8. Facilitate rapid timely transport of the acute member patient within their insurance network and to the appropriate level of care.

9. Transition EMS members to their rightful place as recognize healthcare providers, with all the professional rights and responsibilities. While integrating the full spectrum of allied health and physicians to provide evidence based care.

10. Create a market where prehospital companies and providers increase their market share and profits.
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