Mobile X-Ray Services

UrgentEMS, Inc is pleased to stick with our heartfelt trademark, “Healthcare Brought to You,” by partnering with Mobile X-ray of Shreveport. Mobile X-ray allows our telehealth providers to bring advanced care services to your home.

Is a twisted ankle worth a minimum of $1,300 to $3,000 visit plus the inconvenience of hours in a waiting room? Our partnership with Mobile X-ray of Shreveport allows our telemedicine and mobile providers to provide definitive answers on the injury. Our mobile providers bring the ability to assess splint non angulated injuries, provide non-narcotic pain medications, and, when necessary, provide x-ray services in your home. If a fracture is found, UrgentEMS, Inc will provide the appropriate referral to orthopedic care. i,ii,iii,iv

With the advent of Covid 19, we have seen a significant decrease in access to Emergency Room Services and the family's ability to be at the patient’s side. UrgentEMS, Inc providers over the telemedicine link will be able to provide PCR testing in your home using our mobile providers. PCR testing, the gold standard for diagnosing Covid 19, can take up to 48 hours to return results. However, Covid 19 does present a unique pattern on chest x-ray, allowing clinicians to form treatment plans. Additionally, chest x-rays provide an excellent resource for detecting pneumonia.v ,vi ,vii

Our agreement with Mobile X-ray of Shreveport brings X-ray services to your home or place of business during business hours for $250 or $500 after hours.


When considering the cost using the UrgentEMS, network significant cost savings can be had by focusing on actual care. For non-life-threatening urgent care, our model saves high overhead cost in the form of:

  1. Lost income due to family members having to take off of work.
  2. Cost of Hospital infrastructure
  3. Cost of Ambulance Transport
  4. The UrgentEMS telehealth consult will cost $175
  5. The cost of Mobile clinic response will cost $150
    1. Plus cost of point of care labs
    2. Send out labs
      1. UrgentEMS will charge a draw fee, and our laboratory provider LabCorp will bill your insurance for the cost of testing.
      2. For the Under or uninsured, UrgentEMS will charge a lab draw fee, and LabCorp will charge you the cash prices of testing.
      3. Covid 19 swab collection.
  6. If indicated a chest X-ray is indicated, our provider will contact Mobile X-ray of Shreveport with the order for a chest X-ray. For $250 during business hours or $500.00 after hours.

Your total cost of diagnostic and initial care assessment: $625.00 plus lab cost. Without you leaving home, less than half the cost of Emergency Room access.

Other diagnostic services for home care are a KUB for kidney stone detection and diagnostic ultrasound services beyond point-of-care ultrasound services.


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